The Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Grade 3

The Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Grade 3 includes 33 step-by-step weekly lessons integrating Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Brain Science and Conflict Resolution practices for third grade students.  Teacher-developed, evidence-based and effective.

Peace of Mind helps students learn to notice and manage big emotions, practice kindness and gratitude, solve conflicts peacefully, and to stand up for others – skills for life.  Weekly practice leads to more positive and inclusive classrooms, too.

Engaging lessons include a wide variety of mindfulness practices, stories, activities, pair-sharing and skits, supported by ample teacher guidance.

This Curriculum works well for students who have already had The Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Early Childhood and The Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Grades 1 & 2 (second edition).  It also works well as a stand alone curriculum for students new to mindfulness.

200 pages; paperback.


The Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Grades 1 & 2 – Second Edition

The revised and updated second edition of the Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Grades 1 & 2 is here!

This curriculum, like the first edition, includes step-by-step, weekly lessons integrating mindfulness, brain science, SEL and conflict resolution practices for younger students. You will find nearly everything you need included in the curriculum guide (worksheets, read-alouds, posters).

The only other things you will need are 4 Peace of Mind storybooks, an optional Brainy Puppet (see below) and a bell or chime to use during your lessons.

The second edition incorporates invaluable feedback from author Linda Ryden’s own students and from educators across the country over the last five years.  You will find:

  • more trauma-informed practices throughout;
  • more hands-on activities, movement and pair-sharing;
  • new lessons built around the five Peace of Mind story books;
  • new stories to act out written just for the Peace of Mind curriculum;
  • fewer required storybooks and materials;
  • more lessons on understanding and practicing gratitude, a powerful tool in managing fear and anxiety and building resilience.

Paperback, perfect bound, full color.  About 200 pages.


Marleigh is Mindful

Marleigh is Mindful is a fun guide for kids about how to use mindfulness to take care of big emotions.

Through everyday vignettes that all kids will recognize, relatable characters share the mindfulness practices that help them when they feel worried, mad, distracted, sad, excited, lonely, happy, and concerned for the world around them.

Warm and engaging illustrations and practical guidance make this book a must have for helping kids navigate life’s challenges from disagreement with a sibling to concern for a stranger’s well-being.  A wonderful gift and a practical resource for every bookshelf.

Hardback; full color; 54 pages.  Written by Linda Ryden; illustrated by Linda Ryden and Gigi Gonyea; published by Peace of Mind Press.  Copyright 2021.