A Pint of Peace: Heartfulness

Welcome to our new blog for the school year. This brief format will feature mindfulness practices, short anecdotes from our own teaching practices, updates on our new venture, Kaleidoscope Kids Club, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Peace of Mind. 

The first week of the month we will always feature a simple mindfulness practice. This week we are introducing the practice of Heartfulness (#2 in our series of the new poster.) Why start with number 2, you might ask? Why indeed – TODAY is the day our new storybook about Heartfulness was officially released: Henry is Kind by Linda Ryden. It’s an adorable story about the power of Heartfulness. We will share more about that soon, but for today let’s just take a moment to make the world a little better and to send some kind thoughts. Heartfulness is one of the many mindfulness practices taught through the Peace of Mind curriculum. 

Heartfulness means thinking about a person and thinking kind thoughts for them. Start by thinking about someone who makes you happy. It could be a friend, a teacher, someone in your family, or even a pet. Put your hand over your heart and say these words while you think about your person:

 “May you be happy.”

“May you be healthy.”

“May you be peaceful.”

Take a moment to notice how you feel. Any way you feel is fine, even if you feel nothing. You can repeat this practice while thinking about other special people, yourself, or everyone in the world. If you’d like, you can follow along with Linda in the video below:

Thanks for reading/watching/practicing with us! May YOU be happy, may YOU be healthy and strong, and may YOU be peaceful. We hope you have a wonderful week!

-Jillian  & the Peace of Mind Team

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