Cheryl Cole Dodwell

Executive Director

Cheryl oversees strategy, outreach, publishing, operations and fundraising for Peace of Mind and serves as managing editor for the Peace of Mind Curriculum Series and Storybooks. She works with Linda and Jillian to ensure that Peace of Mind’s strategy, activities and culture remain true to its mission and vision.

Cheryl brings a well-rounded skill set to Peace of Mind, including experience in banking, publishing and managing community organizations. She is also a nationally certified massage therapist and Reiki Master and brings a mindful and peaceful approach to her work in all fields. Cheryl holds a BA from Princeton University and an MBA from Stanford University, with a focus on public and nonprofit management.

Cheryl enjoys traveling, hands-on volunteering, yoga, and the continual cultivation of mindfulness and compassion. Cheryl lives in Maryland with her husband James and her two kind and fun children (when they’re home from college).