Cheryl Cole Dodwell

Executive Director

Cheryl works closely with Peace of Mind founder, Peace Teacher Linda Ryden, and the Peace of Mind Board to develop and share Peace of Mind’s program.  Cheryl is the co-author of the Peace of Mind Core Curricula for Grades 1 through Middle School and editor of the Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Early Childhood.   She oversees training and support for educators and schools using the Peace of Mind Program, and manages resource development, school outreach, fundraising and operations.  

Cheryl began her career at JP Morgan in corporate finance and private banking.  After realizing her life’s purpose led in another direction, Cheryl left banking for a career in the nonprofit and wellness arenas, working for The Fresh Air Fund before earning her MBA with a focus in public and nonprofit management at Stanford University. She then served as the publisher of Who Cares: A Journal of Service and Action and helped to launch the Community Wealth Ventures program at Share Our Strength.  From here she dove deeply into the holistic wellness field, becoming a licensed massage therapist working with children and families and gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of nourishing not only our minds but our bodies and spirits as well.  Peace of Mind offers Cheryl an opportunity to integrate her many strands of experience to be of service in a new and powerful way.  

A long time mindfulness practitioner, Cheryl brings a mindful, inclusive and peaceful approach to her work in all areas. Cheryl holds a BA in Economics and East Asian Studies from Princeton University.   She lives in Maryland with her husband James and loves spending time with her two kind and inspiring grown-up children.