Conference 2020!

Breathing is Just the Beginning

Helping Kids Apply Mindfulness to Meet Life’s Challenges with Skill and Compassion

 January 25, 2020* Washington DC

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. William Blake, Director of Social and Emotional Learning, District of Columbia Public Schools

We know that mindfulness is helpful to kids in self-regulation, but is this enough?  How can we teach mindfulness as a foundation for helping kids to address the challenges they face every day, including disagreements with friends, sibling rivalry, academics,  bias, bullying, and injustice? How can we teach mindfulness-based social and emotional learning as a means for kids to achieve their own goals in life and to work for the changes they’d like to see in the world?

If these questions resonate with you, please join us for a morning of learning, conversation, sharing of ideas, and building community.

Date:           Saturday, January 25, 2020
Time:           8:45 am to 1 pm
Location:   Horace Mann Elementary School, 4430 Newark St NW, Washington DC
Cost:           $35 per person (continental breakfast, Conflict Resolution Anchor Chart and Certificate of Completion included).

Our keynote speaker, Dr. William Blake, Director of Social and Emotional Learning for DC Public Schools, will share with us the approach DCPS is taking to integrating Mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning system-wide in support of student and teacher well-being.

Small group workshops will focus on Teaching Applied Mindfulness for PreK-Grade  6;  A collaborative conversation for Early Childhood Educators;  Self-Care for Educators;  an Administrator Focused session, and more.

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Peace of Mind Conference 2019 Highlights

Conference Highlights




Conference Keynote by Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman, Neuroscientist




Videos filmed and edited by Lisa Luo, Videographer.  Thank you Lisa!

You can find additional information about the hows and whys of teaching brain science to kids in our online course called Budding Brains.