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Why Support Peace of Mind?

Trust me, if every school had Peace of Mind class, the world would be a more peaceful place.   

– Molly, 5th grader

Peace of Mind Inc. is a small but mighty educational nonprofit based in Washington DC dedicated to encouraging and supporting mindfulness-based social emotional learning, conflict resolution and social justice teaching in our schools.  Our extensively classroom-tested resources equip educators to meet the needs of students in early childhood through Grade 8.  Peace of Mind skills support children’s social and emotional well-being and foster their development  into peaceful, effective change-makers.    Peace of Mind Overview

Our work has never been more important! Your generous contributions enable us to continue to develop and share at low or no cost the highest quality, cutting-edge curricula, training, and community of practice support with our students, educators and families, when and where they are needed most. Thank you!

Peace Teacher Linda Ryden, founder of Peace of Mind, talks about the increased importance of our work now for our kids.

Peace of Mind educators, students and friends talk about the positive impact and value of The Peace of Mind Program.  Enjoy!

Our Donors

We are grateful for the financial support,  volunteer time and expertise, and in-kind donations from so many.  Without you, we simply would not be able to do what we do.  Thank you.  Read more about our donors here.

How Do We Invest Your Contributions?

Tending to our students’ social and emotional needs has never been more important.  Thanks to the generous support of over 130 individual donors, including many new donors who have come to us through the Catalogue for Philanthropy, 3 new corporate supporters, and foundation grant renewals,  we were able adapt our resources to support Peace of Mind educators and students nationwide in 2020.  Our Annual Report sums up our accomplishments in 2020, and you can find more about our programs here, too: Peace of Mind Response to Covid and Social Justice, and Peace of Mind’s Social Justice Resources

Thank you!

I am astounded by this beautiful curriculum… a brilliantly practical guide for teachers, one that understands kids – both how they think, and their imaginative capacities. This is a model for the classroom of the future.
Jeff Warren, Mindfulness Teacher; Co-author with Dan Harris of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.