PoM’s Fall Fundraising Campaign: Please help us meet the match!

We have just launched our Fall 2020 fundraising campaign to allow us to continue to work with schools  and educators to develop the cutting edge curriculum, resources and support that our students need to cope with the impact of both Covid-19 and systemic racism and injustice.

Our work has never been needed more.  But, Covid has brought new financial challenges even as we’ve worked harder than ever to adapt to meet the social and emotional needs of students and educators.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 with this campaign.

The good news is: we are already half way there!  A generous donor has offered a $10,000 matching grant for our Fall 2020 Back to School Fundraising Campaign.

Please donate today to help us meet the match and help us keep doing the work that our kids most need now.  Thank you!

Peace of Mind Overview    *  Peace of Mind Response to Covid and Social Justice

Peace of Mind’s Social Justice Resources

Our Donors

We are grateful for the financial support,  volunteer time and expertise, and in-kind donations from so many.  Without you, we simply would not be able to do what we do.  Thank you.  Read more about our donors here.

Why Support Peace of Mind?

Peace Teacher Linda Ryden, founder of Peace of Mind, talks about the increased importance of our work now for our kids.

Peace of Mind Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation based in Washington D.C., a member of the Catalogue for Philanthropy’s Class of 2020-2021.   We are passionate about supporting educators in bringing mindfulness- and brain-based social and emotional learning, conflict resolution and social justice work to their students – and this work has never been more imporant.  Peace of Mind skills help students and school communities address the impact of the two pandemics we are all facing: covid-19 and systemic injustice.

We are a small organization operating with integrity, passion, a dedicated volunteer board, and a very small staff.  We are working hard to build a solid financial foundation for Peace of Mind Inc that includes income from operations supplemented by grant and individual donor support.  This foundation is critical to allowing us to continue to develop and share at low or no cost the highest quality, cutting-edge curricula, training, and other resources to support our students, educators and families.  Your support really matters.

Financial Contributions

We welcome financial contributions through our website here or by checks made out to Peace of Mind Inc.   If you are interested in donating appreciated securities, please contact our Executive Director Cheryl Dodwell.

We are committed to taking care of our donors with integrity and appreciation.  We do not share our donors’ contact information with anyone outside of our organization.  We will only publicly announce your support with your permission.

Our EIN # is 47-1449614.  Our address is Peace of Mind Inc, 5540 Nevada Ave NW, Washington DC 20015.   Here is our 501(c)(3) Determination letter.

In-Kind Contributions

We welcome donations of food, drink, and materials for Peace of Mind events, and gladly offer recognition of your support in return.   Our in-kind sponsors include Bullfrog Bagels, KIND Inc, and Squeaky Pops.

Volunteer time

We welcome volunteers to take part in our Parent Advisory Board, our Student Ambassador Corps (for middle and high schoolers), and by helping with Peace of Mind Events.

If you would like to know more about supporting Peace of Mind Inc in any of these areas, please contact our Executive Director, Cheryl Dodwell.

2019 Fundraising Report

How do we use the funds we receive?  Read all about it here:  Peace of Mind’s 2019 Annual Report

Thank you!