Equity, Justice and Peace


June 3, 2020

Black Lives Matter

 We are grateful to and inspired by the people who are putting themselves at risk to create a better world.   

Peace of Mind stands for equity, justice and peace. Peace of Mind teaches mindfulness-based social and emotional skills as tools of liberation.  These skills give us and our children the strength and resilience to be changemakers.

We believe that the combination of practicing mindfulness, having an understanding of neuroscience, and learning conflict resolution is integral to creating a more peaceful and just world.

Mindfulness provides the tools to find the clarity, compassion and equanimity to look into our own hearts and to see the bias, implicit and otherwise, that we all carry, and then to make the changes personally and in our communities that help us move toward justice.

We know that this is but a small part of the work that needs to be done to transform our society. This work is hard and challenging and messy and we are honored to be working with and learning from all of you in supporting our children, educators and communities.

Black Lives Matter.