Welcome parents! We’re glad you’re here.  This is a challenging time for us all.  We know you are concerned about your children’s well-being and managing so many competing uncertainties. Mindfulness can help.   Here are a few resources that we hope will support you and your families.

*Turn Worry into Love. Peace of Mind Founder Linda Ryden wrote this piece for The Washington Post as a “how to” to support parents and teachers looking for ways to help the children they care about.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Parent FAQs Answers to commonly asked questions including “What is the Peace of Mind Program?” and “What do my children learn in Peace of Mind  Class?” and many more.  If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us.  Also, join our mailing list to stay up to date.

*Learn about Mindfulness. Dan Harris’s funny, relatable and very helpful video is a great introduction to mindfulness.  Worth a watch!

*Practice Together.  This is a good time to practice mindfulness with your kids.  For videos you can watch and follow together, please visit our Kids page, here.

Reading our  Peace of Mind Storybooks together can also offer a calm oasis, and each teach a mindfulness practice too.

*Support Yourself.  Would you like to start or deepen your own mindfulness practice? Here are two of our favorite mindfulness apps. Secular, practical and as Dan Harris says, “actionable.”

*Free Coronavirus Sanity Guide from 10% Happier 
*Free Meditations from Headspace 

*Teach Peace of Mind at home.  Lately parents have asked us about teaching Peace of Mind at home. If you have a mindfulness practice of your own, or are willing to develop one with your kids, and if you can set aside a 30 minute block every week for a Peace of Mind Class, we’re here to help.  Helpful resources:

Peace of Mind Curricula for your age group
Guide for Homeschoolers
Peace of Mind Online Classes for Educators
Support for your own mindfulness practice.

*Get some helpful parenting support

Center for Healthy Minds Well-Being Toolkit for Children, Educators and Parents
Challenge Success Resources for Parents and Educators

Frequently Asked Questions

*Find out more about Peace of Mind, Mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning

Peace of Mind Online Course
What is Peace of Mind Class
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Peace of Mind Class
Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Laura says:

    As a classroom teacher looking to help resolve many conflicts with our 7th grade students, I am so happy to find you as a resource. I hope to be purchasing some of your curriculum soon. Laura

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