Heartfulness Practice

A Heartfulness Practice

Here is a simple Heartfulness practice you can share with your students or children, or practice yourself.

The script for the leader is in italics.

  1. For Someone You Care About

Sit up straight but comfortably and close your eyes. Think about someone you care about – a friend or a family member. What does it feels like to think about that person?   Repeat these words in your mind: May you be happyMay you be healthy and strongMay you be peaceful.

How does that make you feel? Any way you feel is fine.

  1. For Yourself

Now, think about yourself and even give yourself a little hug if you want to.   Repeat these words: May I be happy. May I be healthy and strongMay I be peaceful.

How does this make you feel? Some people are uncomfortable with sending themselves kind thoughts. If you feel this way, please give it a try anyway. It might get easier with practice.

  1. For All Beings

Now, let’s think about all beings – all the people, animals, plants, everything alive in the world.   Repeat these words: May all beings be happy (or all people or everyone on earth or whatever you’d like to say). May all beings be healthy and strongMay all beings be peaceful.

How does it feel think these thoughts?

After a moment or two, you can ask your child or students to open their eyes and you can discuss what that was like.

Next Steps: Once you have developed comfort with the practice above, you might consider expanding it to sending kind thoughts to a difficult person – someone you may be having a conflict with. The practice of sending kind thoughts to someone you are in conflict with can be very powerful and can go a long way to helping you deal with angry feelings. The practice may soften your feelings toward that person or remind you about what you like about them or just that they too are human too and make mistakes.