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Teachers and Counselors say….

“These days, everyone is buzzing about the need to integrate mindfulness and social and emotional learning into schools. Well, here is a program that has been doing it successfully for almost 20 years. I am astounded by this beautiful curriculum. Linda and her colleagues have created a brilliantly practical guide for teachers, one that understands kids – both how they think, and their imaginative capacities. …This is a model for the classroom of the future.” Jeff Warren, Mindfulness Teacher and co-author with Dan Harris of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. 

“I started using the curriculum and it’s wonderful!  The lessons are easy to follow and very well thought out.  The curriculum fits well with the Mindful Schools training that I did a few years ago.  I’m very pleased with my purchase.”  Kree Barus, Elementary School Teacher

“You have done such an outstanding job and this is such a comprehensive curriculum.  I am implementing your program …and strongly encouraging my colleagues in our district to do so also. ” – Cathy Stainbrook, School Counselor

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Peace of Mind Overview

Peace of Mind is a teacher-created, evidence-based program that supports mindfulness-based social and emotional learning in PreK through Middle School.  The Peace of Mind Program helps students develop life skills to notice and manage challenging emotions, build healthy relationships, solve conflicts peacefully, recognize bias, and address social justice issues. 

Focused both on inner work and applying skills to social change   Peace of Mind integrates mindfulness practice and brain science as the foundation for weekly lessons on social and emotional learning and conflict resolution. Older students use these skills to help understand and address implicit bias and to work for positive social change.

Comprehensive  Curricula for PreK-Middle School, Classroom Materials, Teacher Training, and the Henry and Friends Storybook Series.  Peace of Mind is taught by classroom teachers, counselors, specials teachers, homeschoolers and others.

By teachers for teachers The program reflects over 16,000 hours of in-classroom development.  Curriculum authors continue to teach Peace of Mind to over 900 children every week.

Evidence-based  The program is supported by current research, program evaluations, and deep field-testing.  Peace of Mind meets ASCA standards and supports  CASEL’s 5 Core SEL Competencies.

Secular, used in public, public charter and independent schools nationwide.

Peace of Mind Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.