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We've created these resources to support your Peace of Mind Classroom, wherever it may be!

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Click here to download the Classroom pdf and then click on the books or the poster to take you to different Peace of Mind experiences.  Have fun!

Featured Video:  Understanding our “comparing mind” helps us to focus on what’s good about being in a virtual classroom.

The Comparing Mind: What’s GOOD about this year?

Practice Mindfulness with Ms Ryden and Friends

Compassion for Ourselves and Others: Heartfulness

Noticing Our Thoughts: Remote Control Breathing

Taking care of worry: Imagine a Peaceful Place

Calming Big Emotions: Mindful Listening Outside with Henry

Calming down enough to use your Mindfulness: Rainbow Breathing

Calming Big Emotions: Belly Breathing with the Hoberman Sphere

Noticing Sensations: Mindfully Eating a Raisin 

Mindfulness for Insomnia: Listen to Help You Fall Asleep

Finding Some Calm: Four Square Breathing with Marleigh

Noticing Colors, Shapes and Sounds: Mindful Seeing and Listening

How to feel more peaceful: Visualizing a Peaceful Place

Finding Some Calm: Gravity Hands Breathing 

Anytime Mindfulness: Take Five Breathing 

Mindful Fun and Focus: H, S, K & T

Noticing Our Thoughts: Popcorn Breathing

How does mindfulness help Kids?

Meet our Peace of Mind Ambassadors! In this video they talk about how mindfulness helps with worry, school, siblings, sports, falling asleep and more.

Story Time

Was Sergio’s day really so bad? Find out how practicing gratitude helps us balance out our brain’s negativity bias.

Learn about how your brain works with Rosie, Miss Pickles, Amy and the PFC.

Should Tyaja tell her friend she doesn’t like her haircut?  Use the THiNK test to find out!

Everyone finds a way to be kind except Henry.  His friends find a way to help!

Do you know these 8 helpful mindfulness practices?

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Mindfulness Games

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