Neuroscience For the New Year

Happy New Year! We are busy preparing for our upcoming conference on teaching neuroscience to children. Sound like too complex a topic to be introducing to children as young as four? Well, we know the brain is a highly sophisticated organ, but we believe it is so important to have a basic knowledge of what it does that we make it a cornerstone of our work with children. Not only is mindfulness based on brain science, conflict resolution becomes a much easier task when children understand what’s going on in their brains. How do we know this? Because we’ve seen it in action, over and over, during the past decade of working with our students during Peace Class!

For our first-ever mini-conference, we’ve decided to focus on this topic in order to help other educators and parents bring this information to the children they care about. Not only will we hear from a local neuroscientist on the latest research in the field, we will also have breakout sessions for learning more about  HOW we teach this complex subject matter to elementary-aged children. For the New Year, resolve to bring this important information to your students. Reserve your spot today at Eventbrite! 

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