Peace of Mind on TV!  Thanks WUSA9!  TV Spot 

What a week with JusTme visiting our Peace of Mind Schools!  

Mindfulness HipHop artist JusTme visited Lafayette E.S. on Tuesday March 13th to kick off a series of assemblies, meetings with teachers and classroom visits to Horace Mann, Ross, Cherry Run and Highland View Elementary Schools and West Education Campus – all in the DC area.


Peace of Mind in the Washington Post – and a few more good things

Have a look at Linda’s piece in the Washington Post from March 9, 2018 – It’s called “My students call me the ‘peace teacher.’  My job has never felt more important.”  We might have called it “Armed with Love.”

Peace of Mind Early Childhood author and teacher Jillian Diesner offered a very well-attended interactive workshop and presentation at the Fight For Children Conference in Washington DC on Thursday, March 15th, 2018.  Her topic:  Mindful Learners – Bringing Mindfulness & Social-Emotional Learning into Early Childhood Classrooms.   Check it out!

We’re so excited to be bringing mindfulness hip-hop artist JusTme back to visit our Peace of Mind schools next week.  We’ll let you know how it goes!

Mindfulness with Ms. Ryden Video Series for families!

Students have been asking, and we’ve been listening:  We have just posted 5 new Peace of Mind Practice videos for students to use at home!  The “Practice Mindfulness with Ms. Ryden” series includes a few of the skills taught in the Peace of Mind Curriculum:  Take Five Breathing, Gravity Breathing, Heartftulness, the Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Game and the Popcorn Game.  Peace of Mind Kids will know what we mean!  Parents may enjoy practicing along with their children,  too.  The videos offer parents both insight into what their children are learning at school, and a way to experience mindfulness themselves.  Let us know what you think!

First Title I Grant Awarded!

We’re so happy to announce that Eastway Elementary in Durham NC is the first school to receive a grant from the Fund for the Future of Our Children to purchase the Peace of Mind Curriculum for their students!  FFC has partnered with Peace of Mind to make grants available to Title I schools that are adopting Peace of Mind in 2018.  For more information about this program, including how to apply, visit


We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Fund for The Future of Our Children (FFC) to support Title I schools that are adopting the Peace of Mind Curriculum.  We are grateful for their support!

FFC describes their work in this way:   Fund for the Future of our Children (FFC) envisions today’s youth as tomorrow’s leaders for peace. Our mission is to nurture those future leaders.  FFC trusts deeply in the creative vision of youth. We see our role as supporting young dedicated visionaries who are already taking on the “mission impossible” task of creating a peaceful world.

FFC will generously make ten $100 grants available to Title I elementary schools in 2018 to support their purchases of Peace of Mind Curricula and related materials.   For more information, please click here.  If you would like to apply for a grant on behalf of a Title I school, please visit: for an application form.

Thanks so much to IMCW for inviting us to be part of the Fall Family Mindfulness Day. It was an honor to be part of such a lovely event!

Our second storybook, Henry is Kind, is here! Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness and Real Love writes about Henry is Kind: Linda Ryden’s book about heartfulness practice is bright, fun and engaging, which is wonderful because kids will love it. And, the book provides an easy way for teachers and parents to help children understand and enjoy being kind, which means adults will love it too.It is a pleasure to think of the benefits Henry is Kind will bring to children and families. Click “Shop” above to order your copy!

Announcing the arrival of The Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Early Childhood! Now available through our website and on Amazon. The Peace of Mind Curriculum Series now meets the needs of PreK through Fifth Grade, and we are offering a new discounted price to make it easier for schools to purchase all three. Let us know what you think!

We were so thrilled to host mindful hip hop artist JusTme here in May! He brought mindfulness in his inimitable way to students at Lafayette and Horace Mann in three music, wisdom and dance-filled performances. Can’t wait to have him back! Check him out at

Linda and Jillian offered the Keynote Address on Creating Mindful Learners at the Fairfax Futures 13th Annual School Readiness Symposium on April 29th, introducing over 300 early childhood educators to the power of mindfulness for young children and the Peace of Mind Curriculum. Thank you for the opportunity, Fairfax Futures!

Our first storybook, Rosie’s Brain, is now available! Rosie’s Brain introduces elementary school students to mindfulness skills and the parts of the brain that help us manage anger and calm down: the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. A great gift for the children you love!