Peace of Mind is a mission-driven  501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Our mission is to encourage and support the teaching of effective mindfulness-based social and emotional learning, conflict resolution and social justice in our nation’s elementary and middle schools to improve student well-being and create kinder, more equitable and inclusive school climates. We accomplish our mission through:


The Peace of Mind Program for Schools

Developing and sharing the Peace of Mind Program, including curricula, storybooks, resources and educator support that reflect our deep in-classroom experience, the experience and needs of our Peace of Mind schools, current research and our commitment to equity and social justice.

  Outreach and Community Building

  • Building and supporting the Peace of Mind Community through Community of Practice gatherings, our Annual Conference, Partnerships and online forums.
  • Sharing our experience of the transformative effect of comprehensive, school-wide mindfulness-based SEL across multiple platforms as a means to inspire, educate and support others with similar goals.

To learn more about Peace of Mind in action, check out these videos!

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