Peace of Mind Pilot Schools

The Peace of Mind curriculum has been developed in Washington D.C. at the city’s largest public elementary school, Lafayette Elementary.    We know Peace of Mind has contributed to the kind and inclusive atmosphere at Lafayette; student and teacher surveys confirm its positive impact.

As we begin to share the Peace of Mind curriculum more widely, we are keenly interested in knowing how Peace of Mind can serve different schools.   We have partnered with these wonderful DCPS pilot schools to learn what works, where we need to improve the curriculum, and how we can offer adaptations and support.

  • Horace Mann Elementary School  – All grades 2016-2017
  • Orr Elementary School – Early Childhood Classrooms 2017-2018
  • West Education Campus –  Kindergarten Classroom 2017-2018
  • Ross Elementary School – Third Grade 2017-2018

Peace of Mind Pilot Structure

Peace of Mind provides staff training at the beginning of the year, mentoring classroom visits throughout the year to provide support and answer questions, periodic email check-ins with staff, and materials for parent sessions.   

Pilot school teachers have an open invitation to visit Peace of Mind demonstration classes at Lafayette Elementary, our home school, and are invited to regular Peace of Mind Community of Practice gatherings.

The only financial cost to our pilot schools is the modest cost of the curricula copies and the storybooks specified in the curriculum.  Teachers agree to share thoughts and feedback with us throughout the year and to follow the Peace of Mind Curriculum as it is written.

We work together with teachers to collect pre- and post-pilot survey data from students and teachers to help us evaluate program impact.

For more information

If you are interested in learning more about the Peace of Mind Pilot Program, please let us know!