Rie Odsbjerg Werner

Strategic Advisor, Executive Director MonkeyMinds DK

Rie has a strong cross-sectoral background and 10+ years of leadership experience in both the financial sector and the non-profit/foundation sector. Rie has worked extensively with strategy formulation/implementation, financial management, governance, and organizational development.

In her former role as VP in TryghedsGruppen, Denmark, Rie led the establishment of a new membership-based foundation focusing on mental health in the workplace. The foundation also financed the first university based center for mindfulness in Denmark. Rie is Danish and brings a broad international experience and network.

Rie holds an MBA from Solvay Brussels School of Economics, Belgium, a Master of Political Science from Aarhus University, Denmark, and a Master of European Studies from Lund University, Sweden. Rie has a curious mindset, loves to travel, and is a dedicated student of meditation and yoga. She is the proud mother of two girls who have the privilege to be a part of the Peace of Mind program at Lafayette Elementary School, as well as a little baby boy.

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