Peace of Mind Storybooks


Peace of Mind Storybooks support the Peace of Mind Curriculum Series, and also are perfect for families to read together at home. 

rosies-brain-450pxCurriculum author Linda Ryden wrote and illustrated Rosie’s Brainthe first book in the Peace of Mind Storybook Seriesto introduce elementary school students to mindfulness skills and the parts of the brain that help us manage anger and calm down: the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex.

“This book takes a serious subject, how understanding the brain can lead to better decision making and less tantrums,  and turns it into a funny story that is accessible to kids of all ages. “ – Amazon Review


Henry is Kind Mindfulness and Heartfulness for Kids

Henry’s is Kind, the second book in the series, introduces students to the mindfulness practice of Heartfulness and the value of kindness in a fun and engaging way.

Written by Linda Ryden and illustrated by Shearry Malone, Henry is Kind is published by Tilbury House Publishers, and goes on sale September 4, 2018

Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness and Real Love, calls Henry is Kind “bright, fun and engaging.”


Upcoming titles in the Peace of Mind Storybook Series – also by Linda Ryden and published by Tilbury House Publishers – include Sergio Sees the Good, due out in Spring 2019,  and Tyaja and the THiNK Test, due out in Fall 2019.

Peace of Mind Storybooks are available here and also through Amazon and your local bookseller.