Peace of Mind Storybooks in the “Henry and Friends” Series by Peace Teacher and Curriculum Author Linda Ryden are used in the Peace of Mind Curriculum Series and are perfect for families to read together.

All of Linda’s books are inspired by her students and their familiar childhood experiences.



“A brilliant book of simple and creative mindfulness interventions by an educator who gets children.  By framing practice as fundamentally playful, this book brings the benefits of mindfulness and compassion to a new generation. An indispensable toolkit for every classroom and home.” – Jeff Warren, Author and Meditation Teacher

“Marleigh is Mindful” is a wonderful book by Linda Ryden for children learning to cope with emotions. The lovely illustrations and the sharing of advice from friends of Marleigh is a supportive and colorful way to help kids,(or anyone), know they are not alone with their feelings. — Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

Marleigh is Mindful is a fun guide for kids about how to use mindfulness to take care of big emotions.   Marleigh and her friends share stories about when they feel worried, mad, distracted, sad, really excited, lonely, happy, and concerned for the world around them. They also share and explain the mindfulness practices that help them take care of these feelings.

Warm, engaging illustrations by Linda Ryden and Gigi Gonyea. Practical guidance for kids and adults alike!

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“This book takes a serirosies-brain-450pxous subject, how understanding the brain can lead to better decision making and less tantrums,  and turns it into a funny story that is accessible to kids of all ages. “ – Amazon Review




Curriculum author Linda Ryden wrote and illustrated Rosie’s Brainthe first book in the Henry and Friends Storybook Series, to introduce elementary school students to mindfulness skills and the parts of the brain that help us manage anger and calm down: the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. Available in both English and Spanish! *PURCHASE *








Nuestro querido libro El Cerebro de Rosita, ¡en español! Perfecto para las clases de ELL y español para ayudar a los estudiantes a aprender cómo funciona su cerebro cuando se frustrar y por qué la atención plena ayuda con las grandes emociones. Este conocimiento puede tener un tremendo impacto positivo en la capacidad de autorregulación de un niño.*PURCHASE *

“Henry is Kind, Linda Ryden’s Book about heartfulness practice, is bright, fun and engaging….”Sharon Salzburg, author of Real Happiness and Real Love






Henry’s is Kind introduces students to the mindfulness practice of Heartfulness and the value of kindness in a fun and engaging ways. Written by Linda Ryden and illustrated by Shearry Malone, Henry is Kind is published by Tilbury House Publishers. *  REVIEWS  *  PURCHASE *

“I adore this book!” –  Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman, Neuroscientist








Sergio Sees the Good is a funny and helpful story about our brain’s negativity bias and the power of gratitude to rebalance the scales.  Written by Linda Ryden and illustrated by Shearry Malone, Sergio Sees the Good is published by Tilbury House Publishers. *REVIEWS * PURCHASE *

“This clear, simple story offers valuable lessons for our children to bring more clarity, care and thoughtfulness to the power of words.” – Oren Jay Sofer, author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication





Tyaja uses the THiNK Test is an engaging story about the need to think before we speak. Is what you are about to say True, Helpful, Necessary and Kind?  Tyaja and her friends can help you figure it out.

“A great resource for social-emotional learning”. – Kirkus Reviews 

Children’s Book Council Hot Pick for August 2019!

“This book is a wonderful tool to help children make the right choices in communicating with others. ” Five Stars from Youth Services Book Review

Peace of Mind Storybooks are available here and also through Amazon and your local bookseller.