Support for Title I Schools

 Fund for the Future of our Children (FFC) has generously partnered with Peace of Mind to support Title I schools that are adopting the Peace of Mind Curriculum.   We are grateful for FFC’s support!

FFC describes their work in this way:   Fund for the Future of our Children (FFC) envisions today’s youth as tomorrow’s leaders for peace. Our mission is to nurture those future leaders.  FFC trusts deeply in the creative vision of youth. We see our role as supporting young dedicated visionaries who are already taking on the “mission impossible” task of creating a peaceful world.

FFC makes $100 grants to Title I elementary schools to support their purchases of Peace of Mind Curricula,  Peace of Mind Storybooks and Peace of Mind Classroom Resources.

To be eligible to apply for a grant from FFC,  Title I Schools must:

  • be using the Peace of Mind Curriculum for the first time in at least one classroom;
  • have a PTA or school business office that can manage the grant;
  • complete a simple evaluation at the end of the year.

Peace of Mind will offer a 30% discount on Peace of Mind Curricula and Materials to all grantees.

The application form is short, easy to complete and available here.   FFC Application Form SY19-20

Questions?  Please contact Cheryl at ./">