Monthly Mindful Moment: Body Scan

Happy April! This month’s mindful moment is no April Fool’s joke – taking the time to intentionally scan each part of your body and notice how it feels can help us tune in to our feelings and emotions in a powerful way. And to make it more fun for kids to remember, we like to pretend that we’re using a flashlight while slooooowly and quietly singing “head, shoulders, knees and toes.” You can throw in other parts of the body, too, as you sing and shine, until you’ve gone from head to toe and back again. After you’re done, give your child a few extra quiet moments to notice how their body is feeling, and then talk about it together.

If you both like doing the Body Scan, try following along with our friend JusTme as he leads kids in a Body Scan a bit differently. You can check him out in this awesome video.  However you do your body scan, we hope that this practice helps you and your child feel more in tune with what your bodies are saying this month. Happy shining!

-Jillian & the Peace of Mind Team