Monthly Mindful Moment: Visualization

It’s that time of the school year when days feel crammed and hectic (but somehow not long enough), with final reports, testing, performances, field trips, celebrations, and all that goes along with wrapping up another year. Summer feels a long way off, but it’ll be here before we know it.

This month’s mindful moment can help us manage the crazed sprint to the end of the year. Simply take a few minutes each morning to imagine yourself in a beautiful, peaceful place. Take a few deep breaths and notice all you see, hear, smell, and feel in this special place. When leading this activity with children, you might give them some guided prompts, such as “Imagine you see something blue and sparkling in the distance – what could it be?” or “A very tame and kind animal comes up to you, and you reach out to pet it gently.” Kids love to share what they imagined afterwards! And best of all, this practice can help us enjoy the current moments, despite the hustle and bustle, because they, too are special and wonderful.

If you’ve been enjoying this series of Monthly Mindful Moments, we will soon have the entire set of 10 flashcards available – stay tuned!

-Jillian & the Peace of Mind teamĀ