Mindful Conferences!

There are so many wonderful conferences and organizations focused on bringing mindfulness-based SEL to children, and we are fortunate to be a part of some of them – read on below. Speaking of mindful conferences, be on the lookout for more information on our very own First Annual Peace of Mind Mini-Conference that will take place in January 2019!

Last weekend we participated in the National Kids Yoga Conference. The focus for the conference this year was on innovative ways to bring yoga, mindfulness, and SEL to children. It’s always fun to meet so many wonderful people, and to reconnect with friends we met at the conference last year!


And did you catch Linda’s blog post on Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution for Mindful Schools? She describes how she used to “do it all wrong” when it comes to teaching conflict resolution, and how she figured out what really works with kids. I highly encourage you to take a moment and check it out here.

Earlier this month we had the great honor of attending the National Education Association Foundation’s Symposium on “Keeping the Promise of Public Education.” Not only were we invited to attend, Linda was asked to open the symposium with her story on how she began teaching mindfulness at a public school in Washington, DC! You can listen to her transformative story, along with all the other wonderful stories told by teachers and leaders, here (Linda begins speaking at minute 5.)

Leading up to the Symposium, Linda had the opportunity to visit some local news stations along with Harriet Sanders, NEAF President and CEO. Together, they shared information on the importance of mindfulness in schools and the positive impact on school climate that’s been documented. You can watch their segment on WUSA 9 here.  We are very grateful to the NEA Foundation, and to Harriet Sanders, for recognizing the value of mindfulness in education and inviting us to be a part of this exciting week!

And in the February we will be with the Coalition for Schools Educating Mindfully to present on Peace of Mind’s approach to integrating mindfulness and conflict resolution.

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-Jillian & the Peace of Mind Team

Your Monthly Mindful Moment

Happy October! The first week of the month is when we will always feature a new mindfulness practice (if you missed last month’s Heartfulness practice, check it out here!)

We started out this month in an exciting way –  with Linda featured on today’s WUSA 9’s morning show, Great Day Washington! She spoke about the benefits of teaching mindfulness to children and the big impact this can have on school climate and culture. Linda appeared along with Harriet Sanders, President and CEO of the National Education Association Foundation (NEAF). On Friday, Linda will be opening the NEAF symposium Keeping the Promise of Public Education with a short talk on mindfulness. She’ll be joined by other speakers such as noted author  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Kind Bar founder Daniel Lubetzky. You can tune in to this exciting event by signing up for the livestream here. 

Today’s mindful moment practice conveys the most basic acts of mindfulness meditation – deep belly breathing. To teach this skill to children, we call it taking “Flower Breaths.” First, we use our finger as an imaginary flower. Inhaling deeply, we “smell the flower” for several seconds. Once our bellies are full, we exhale by gently “blowing the petals” on our flower for as long as possible. Then we do it again! Children can easily grasp the basic actions of belly breathing – in through the nose, out through the mouth – with Flower Breaths.

 You might try putting your hands on your belly while you breathe in, and notice how it fills with air. As you breathe out, the belly becomes soft again. Try it with your own child and see how easy it is to have a mindful moment with Flower Breaths.  We hope this simple practice brings you and your children peace – and a little fun, too!

.Jillian & the Peace of Mind Team – Follow us on Twitter @peaceofmindorg