The Peace of Mind Curriculum Series

This is an extraordinary curriculum, at once practical and visionary. The lessons are thoughtfully and meticulously scaffolded as the children are guided step-by-step into an understanding of how their brains work, how to interact with the world with kindness, and how to master themselves. In this age of anxiety, what could be more important or valuable than to teach children at an early age how to interpret and navigate their big emotions, calm themselves, and by extension, each other? A must read for early education teachers everywhere.    – Val C., Early Childhood Educator,  June 2017

I love the fact that I can combine this curriculum seamlessly with Responsive Classroom and yoga classes we already teach.” –  Kindergarten Teacher at a college preparatory independent school.

Curriculum Overview

The Peace of Mind Curriculum Series includes three volumes, addressing the needs of Early Childhood, Grades 1-2, and Grades 3-5. The Peace of Mind Curricula reflect over 16,000 hours of in-classroom development and extensive field-testing.

The Peace of Mind Curricula have been written for teachers by teachers.  Each and every lesson has been tested and developed with students over more than a decade.  Current research in the field of mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning supports the philosophy,  structure and goals of Peace of Mind.

All three Peace of Mind Curricula use storytelling, children’s literature, role-playing, group discussion, pair-sharing, and much more to bring lessons to life. The key concepts are reinforced each year, benefit from repetition, and adapted to be age-appropriate as the children grow.

The Peace of Mind Curricula each include 32 fully scripted lessons that focus on mindfulness practices, kindness and empathy, brain science and peaceful conflict resolution.  Materials required include a bell or chime and readily-available storybooks (find a full list here).

The Peace of Mind Curriculum is flexible.  The weekly 30-45 minute lessons are being used by Peace teachers, classroom teachers, specials teachers, counselors, and in before and after-school programs.

Peace of Mind works beautifully and has maximum impact as a school-wide, weekly curriculum, and may be integrated into many aspects of the school day.

The lessons in Peace of Mind reflect our belief that mindfulness is the essential foundation for students’ acquisition and mastery of social and emotional skills and conflict resolution tools.  Teachers do not have to be mindfulness experts, but this curriculum is most successful when teachers commit to practicing along with their students.


The Curriculum Series

Core Curriculum for Early Childhood: 32 step-by-step, weekly lessons integrating mindfulness and social and emotional learning lessons for the youngest students. Many lessons include scripts for Brainy, the Peace of Mind hand puppet. Have a peek inside and check out two sample lessons.


Core Curriculum for Grades 1 and 2: 32 step-by-step, weekly lessons integrating mindfulness, SEL and conflict resolution practices for younger students, including worksheets, reproducible handouts, teacher guidance. Have a peek inside and check out two sample lessons.


Core Curriculum for Grades 3, 4 and 5: 32 step-by-step, weekly lessons integrating mindfulness, SEL and conflict resolution practices for older students, including original skits and role plays to support lesson themes, along with reproducible handouts and teacher guidance.

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Supporting Resources

Peace of Mind has created resources to support you as you teach Peace of Mind, including Brainy the Puppet, Anchor Charts, Games, Card Sets and Posters.  Please visit our  Shop to find out more.


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