Peace Class teaches our children how to be part of a community that is kind, cooperative, intelligent and emotionally healthy.Janet Zwick, former 3rd grade teacher and parent at Lafayette Elementary School 

I love the fact that I can combine this curriculum seamlessly with Responsive Classroom and yoga classes we already teach. –  Kindergarten Teacher at a college preparatory independent school.

What is Peace of Mind?

Peace of Mind is an innovative mindfulness-based Social and Emotional learning program for Early Childhood through Fifth Grade. Peace of Mind recognizes mindfulness as essential to students’ acquisition and mastery of social and emotional skills and conflict resolution tools.

The Peace of Mind Program includes grade-level appropriate, fully scripted,  weekly, full-year Curricula, Storybooks, Classroom Resources, Training, both in-person and online, and a Community of Practice.

The Peace of Mind Program teaches students how to: calm themselves, focus their attention, empathize and connect with others, and resolve conflicts peacefully. Peace of Mind supports the 5 CASEL Core SEL Competencies and aligns with ASCA standards.

The Peace of Mind Curriculum Series includes 32 fully scripted lessons that focus on mindfulness practices, kindness and empathy, brain science and peaceful conflict resolution.  Materials required include a bell or chime and readily-available storybooks (find a full list here).

The Peace of Mind Curriculum is extensively classroom-tested, reflecting best practices distilled from over 16,000 hours of teaching this material by curriculum authors Linda Ryden and Jillian Diesner.  It is research-based, effective and flexible.

Peace of Mind works beautifully and has maximum impact as a school-wide, weekly curriculum, and may be integrated into many aspects of the school day.

Peace of Mind gives teachers and counselors the tools to shift the culture of a classroom, and a school, toward kindness and inclusion.

A Video Peek into Peace of Mind

Curriculum developer Linda Ryden’s work and the Peace of Mind program have been recognized in the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and on CBS, ABC and Fox5, and in the recently released film A Joyful Mind.  

what is required for implementation?

Here is an overview of the  Peace of Mind Implementation Plan for administrators, teachers and counselors.


Training and support

We have created the Peace of Mind Curriculum Series with professional educators in mind.  Each Curricula includes the detailed guidance and fully-scripted lessons to allow you to pick it up and put it to work immediately for the children you care about – on the job support!

Peace of Mind offers online and in-person training to support educators as well.  See our “For Educators” page.

We host Community of Practice Gatherings twice a year in the DC area to which all Peace of Mind teachers are invited.  To receive an invitation, please join our mailing list here.  


Resources for Families

Once you have purchased Peace of Mind, we are glad to provide you with a sample Peace of Mind Family Letter and Fact Sheet and a sample monthly Peace of Mind Newsletter to help you introduce Peace of Mind to your students’ families.   Just contact us at

We offer videos of Peace of Mind‘s foundational mindfulness practices on our website to enable students to practice at home and to share what they are learning with their family members. Kids and parents love them; look for more soon!  


Where is Peace of Mind being used?

Over the last decade, teacher and curriculum author Linda Ryden and school counselor Jillian Diesner have actively developed the Peace of Mind Curriculum Series with their students at Lafayette Elementary School, the largest public elementary school in Washington DC.    Peace of Mind is now being used as the SEL Curriculum at many schools in the DC area and  many more around the country.  For more information, visit our “PoM Schools” page.

 If you are interested in becoming a Peace of Mind school, please let us know!

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