Peace Class teaches our children how to be part of a community that is kind, cooperative, intelligent and emotionally healthy.Janet Zwick, former 3rd grade teacher and parent at Lafayette Elementary School 

I love the fact that I can combine this curriculum seamlessly with Responsive Classroom and yoga classes we already teach. –  Kindergarten Teacher at a college preparatory independent school.

A message from Dr. William Blake, Director of Social and Emotional Learning for DC Public Schools


What is Peace of Mind?

Downloadable Peace of Mind Overview.

Peace of Mind is an innovative mindfulness-based Social and Emotional Learning program for Early Childhood through Middle School. Peace of Mind Curricula for Grades 3 and up include a focus on applying mindfulness-based SEL skills to social justice issues including bias, racism and standing up against injustice.

Peace of Mind recognizes mindfulness and brain science as essential to students’ acquisition and mastery of social and emotional skills and conflict resolution tools.

The Peace of Mind Program includes grade-level appropriate,  weekly, full-year Curricula, with optional scripts for each lesson; Virtual Lessons and Classroom Videos; Storybooks, Classroom Resources, Training, both in-person and online, an annual Conference, Community of Practice Gatherings and support for parents.

The Peace of Mind Curriculum teaches students how to: notice and manage their emotions, focus their attention, empathize and connect with others, and resolve conflicts peacefully. It helps older student apply these skills to make positive change in their communities.

Peace of Mind supports the 5 CASEL Core SEL Competencies and aligns with ASCA standards.

Peace of Mind gives teachers and counselors the tools to shift the culture of a classroom, and a school, toward kindness and inclusion.


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The Peace of Mind Curriculum Series

Peace of Mind Virtual Lesson Series

Peace of Mind Equity and Social Justice Resources

Peace of Mind Storybooks

Peace of Mind Classroom Videos

Professional Development

Grants for Title One Schools

A Guide for Homeschoolers using Peace of Mind


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  1. Stacy Marienthal says:

    I work at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools with children from the ages of 3-8. We would like to purchase your curriculum for this age.

  2. Laura Holsinger says:

    I attended a workshop in late winter this year for Peace of Mind and loved every minute of it! Are there any employment opportunities for teaching teachers and counselors, etc about mindfulness with your program. Currently, I’m a former classroom teacher and now counselor of an elementary school. I’ve taken 2 Mindful Schools online classes and several workshops. I’m so excited to bring this to children and teachers and want to spend most of my time doing that. In today’s stressful culture what else can we give our children and teachers but peace of mind and the hope that they don’t have to suffer?

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