Peace of Mind is a mission-driven, socially responsible organization (501c3 pending).  We are passionate about bringing mindfulness-based social and emotional learning to elementary school teachers and students, helping schools become more positive and inclusive places in which children thrive.   Peace of Mind is supported by an active, diverse and multi-talented Board of Directors and a dedicated staff.

Peace of Mind arises out of the work of teacher and curriculum author Linda Ryden.  Linda began teaching her “Peace Class” at a public school in Washington DC in 2003, focusing on social and emotional learning and conflict resolution lessons.  Her young students grasped the lessons intellectually; however, when children found themselves in challenging situations on the playground, at recess, or in their classrooms, they were unable to access what they had learned, overtaken by challenging emotions.

Linda realized that by adding mindfulness to her curriculum she could offer students simple, powerful tools to manage challenging emotions, empathize with others, and resolve conflicts peacefully.  Since 2003, Linda has invested well over 10,000 hours teaching mindfulness, social and emotional learning, brain science and conflict resolution skills to her elementary school students.

Jillian Diesner adapted the curriculum for early childhood, authored the Core Curriculum for Early Childhood,  and has invested over 6,000 hours developing and teaching Peace of Mind to the youngest students. She continues to teach Peace of Mind to over 250 children every week.

We feel strongly about sharing what has worked for us with integrity. We also honor and welcome the creativity, passion, and experience other educators will bring to this work in order to adapt it to the needs of the children they care about.

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