Conference 2021

What a wonderful Conference it was!  Educators, researchers, counselors, nurses, parents and grandparents, and many others who care deeply about the well-being of our children, youth and schools gathered from around the globe for conversation, learning and inspiration.

Our presenters have generously agreed to share their presentations for those who couldn’t attend and the full Conference Video is available, too.  See below!

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Conference Video

If you couldn’t make the Conference, or want to tune in again, no  problem. Here is the full Conference Video!  Feel free to share with others who might be interested.

Presentations from Peace of Mind Conference 2021

Peace of Mind Founder & Peace Teacher Linda Ryden

Not Permanent, Not Personal, Not Perfect and Applying Mindfulness to Social Justice   Please see Full Conference Video (coming soon!)

educator Panel: Adapting Peace of Mind to Meet Students Needs Now

Implementing Peace of Mind School-wide and Adapting Virtually for PreK-5   Ms. Caira Temple, School Counselor, and Ms. Constanza Rosas, Director of Teaching and Learning, Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School, Washington DC

Adapting Peace of Mind for Early Childhood Virtual Learning: Animal Breaths!  Ms. Marquita McBride, Early Childhood Educator, Lafayette Elementary School, Washington DC

Building Peace of Mind into School Culture and Adapting Virtually in Middle School: A Virtual lesson from the Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for MS Principal Megan Vroman, Ida B. Wells Middle School, Washington DC

Pushing in with Peace of Mind and The Brain Song!  Tracie Rezzelle, Resiliency Specialist with Synergy Services, Kansas City MO

Mindfulness and Social Justice: The antiRacist Table

Introduction to ART and The Family Challenge   Lynn Turner and Kirsten Ivey-Colson, co-founders The AntiRacist Table

Mindfulness PracticeS

Please see our full conference video (coming soon!) for opening and closing practices with Dave and Jelena and Student-led Mindfulness with Alexis and Maura.

Resources mentioned during our Conference

Peace of Mind Tools and Resources

The AntiRacist Table:  Visit The AntiRacist Table  to learn more about their free, transformative 30-Day AntiRacist Challenge and forthcoming AntiRacist Family Challenge. ART says:  “AntiRacism is an intentional daily practice that requires willpower, truth, love, and patience. The AntiRacist Table 30 Day Challenge is specifically curated to educate, to help people face and get past shame, anger, and blame, and to develop empathy–all key elements of creating an AntiRacist America.”  Highly Recommend!

The Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully (COSEM) Virtual Conference is coming up on February 26th, 2021.  COSEM says: Come to learn strategies and resources for embedding mindfulness and SEL into a wide variety of educational settings, and leave the day recharged and inspired! Details and register at   We love this Conference!


Your own Mindfulness Practice:  COSEM is offering an 8-week “Mindfulness Fundamentals Series” for Members that follows the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) model and incorporates other emotional management techniques.  Could be a great way to start or deepen your practice in the company of other educators.  Free to COSEM members.  Find out more at

About our Speakers and Facilitators

One of our Peace of Mind Core values is that we are by educators, for educators.  We’re excited about the educators and facilitators who are volunteering their time to share their experience and wisdom with us.

Read about our wonderful speakers here.





It takes a village.  This Conference only was possible thanks to: 

  • Our inspiring, experienced, dedicated panel of educators:  Constanza Rosas, Director of Teaching and Learning and Caira Temple from Elsie Whitlow Stokes Charter School;  Peace of Mind Early Childhood Educator Marquita McBride from Lafayette Elementary; Principal Megan Vroman from Ida B. Wells Middle School; and Tracie Rezzelle, Resiliency Specialist with Synergy Services;
  • The Anti-Racist Table founders, Lynn Turner and Kirsten Ivey-Colson, who shared their wisdom and timely, transformative antiracist resources with us;
  • Jelena Popovic and Dave Trachtenberg for opening and closing our conference with skillful, supportive group mindfulness practices;
  • Our amazing student Mindful Mentors Alexis and Maura who led us in practices they love and created;
  • Our Board members Elizabeth Hoffman, our tech guru; Chapin SpringerSubrat Biswal, Darrel Jodrey and Liz Whisnant, and volunteers Shawn Donnelly, Madeleine Sagebiel, Henry Cohen and Christi Cole.
  • The Bender Foundation, The Fund for the Future of Our Children, Bates White, Covington & Burling, Johnson & Johnson, and our many beloved individual donors who make what we do possible.

THANK YOU to you all!


10:00 am   Welcome

10:05           Group mindfulness practice and Community builder

10:25           Adapting Peace of Mind to meet student needs now

10:35           School Spotlights: Adapting Peace of Mind for PreK-8

11:05            How have you been adapting? small group conversations

            •  What has gone well and what has been challenging

11:40           Student Mindful Mentors lead a mindfulness practice for all

11:45            Applying Mindfulness-based SEL to standing up against injustice

12:05           Peace of Mind Upcoming Events

12:10          Closing Mindfulness Practice

12:15           Conference is over – the conversation and community continue!

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