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Purchasing through Amazon: Many people prefer to purchase what they need through Amazon to take advantage of Prime shipping, or because this works for their schools.  We’ve collected all of the materials in one place for you here.  Just click on the link, and fill your cart!  One note: there are a few things that are only sold here through the Peace of Mind site: Journals, Posters and Brainy the Puppet.  You can shop for these things here anytime.

Purchasing through our website: You can also order your Curricula, Storybooks, and Classroom Resources right here through our website.  The only things not available here are the commonly-available storybooks required for  Grades 1-5.  You can order these through Amazon later –  just click on this easy-order  Amazon link.

If you are using a purchase order, please click here for the info you’ll need.

If you are:  shipping to an address outside of the U.S., ordering more than 6 curricula, or ordering for a Title I Elementary School ,  please contact us directly at , rather than ordering here, so that we can make sure you have the best pricing and shipping options.  If none of the above apply, please carry on with your order, and thank you!