Dear Educators,

We have written the PoM Curriculum for you: teachers, counselors, home-schooling parents who want to bring the transformative gifts of mindfulness, kindness, gratitude and conflict resolution skills to the children you care about.   This is life-changing work, and we know you need support.   Hope these offerings help!

Peace of Mind Online Training Courses

Peace of Mind’s online training courses are available here:   We strongly encourage you to take these two courses before you begin teaching the Peace of Mind Curriculum::

Course # 1: Introduction to Mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning: This course will be of interest to anyone engaging in this work, and offers an overview of relevant research and impact data.

Course # 2: Getting Started with the Peace of Mind Curriculum. Specifically for educators preparing to teach the Peace of Mind Curriculum, or looking for additional support if they have already begun.

  • You may complete Peace of Mind’s online Training courses at your convenience.
  • Each takes about 60 minutes and includes a combination of audio, video, text and graphics.
  • We welcome your comments within the course and on the end-of-course survey!
  • If you include questions in your comments, we will get back to you with answers.
  • The first two courses are available free of charge until the end of 2018.

 In 2019, look out for new courses that address  Neuroscience, Teaching Mindfulness-based Conflict Resolution and Developing a Comprehensive Whole School Peace of Mind Program.

Peace of Mind ConferenceS

Please join our mailing list to receive updates on the Peace of Mind conferences and events, such as our recent mini-conference in Washington D.C.

School-specific training

If your school is interested in training related to implementing the Peace of Mind Curriculum, please contact us. We offer limited video-chat training for small groups, and some in-person training is available with curriculum authors Linda Ryden and Jillian Diesner in Washington D.C.

Mindfulness teacher Training

If you are looking for additional support in developing your own mindfulness practice, or in teaching midnfulness to kids, consider Mindful Schools.  Mindful Schools offers high-quality courses for teachers in the areas of developing your personal practice and teaching mindfulness to kids.

You might also find these two books really helpful:

Jennings, P. (2015). Mindfulness for teachers: Simple skills for peace and productivity in the classroom. The Norton Series on the Social Neuroscience of Education.

Rechtschaffen, D., & Kabat-Zinn PhD, J. (2014). The Way of Mindful Education: Cultivating Well-being in Teachers and Students. Norton Books in Education.

Caring for yourself

One of the best ways to support your students is to support yourself.  And one of the best ways to prepare to teach the Peace of Mind Curriculum is to nourish your own mindfulness practice.

There are many wonderful resources out there! In case it’s helpful,  here are a few that we all like:

The 10% Happier App and Podcast by Dan Harris offer great introductions to mindfulness as well as support as you develop your practice. and are secular, simple, step-by-step mindfulness program apps you might also want to check out.

You might also find these accessible books by Dan Harris helpful, especially if you are new to mindfulness and still wondering how effective it can be.

Ten Percent Happier by Dan Harris

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris

Finally, please take time outside of school to practice the mindfulness skills you are teaching your children, such as heartfulness, take five breathing, and keeping a gratitude journal.  These are all ways to support yourself on a daily basis in the work you do.