Virtual Community Circles

Peace of Mind Virtual Community Circles support Peace of Mind educators across the nation and internationally in teaching mindfulness-based social and emotional learning to students in elementary and middle school.

Virtual Community Circles are small facilitated groups of Peace of Mind educators from around the country and the world that meet (virtually) monthly to share mindfulness practices, teaching experiences and support. Educators join a PoM Virtual Community Circle to feel nurtured, connected and prepared to teach with passion and joy.  

At the end of the Virtual Community Circle year, Circle participants may choose to become mentors to other educators and leaders in their school communities who prioritize the holistic well-being of educators and students.

First Cohort Underway

Our first Year-long virtual Community Circle Cohorts began on September 15th, 2020.

Small, facilitated groups of 8-10 educators are meeting via zoom from September 15,  2020 through June 2021.  Participants include classroom teachers, counselors, social workers, learning pod facilitators and others from across the country and around the globe.

Joining a Virtual Community Circle

Our circles are currently full. If you are interested in joining a Virtual Community Circle in the future, please contact Peace of Mind Executive Director Cheryl Dodwell.  Thank you!


Peace educators and mindfulness and cross-cultural facilitators Dave Trachtenberg and Jelena Popovic will facilitate our sessions and guide this program.  Dave and Jelena, experienced in circle facilitation, piloted this circle format with educators at our recent Peace of Mind conference and received a tremendous positive response.  

Peace of Mind founder and curriculum author Linda Ryden, a leader in the field of mindfulness-based SEL and full time  Peace Teacher at Washington DC’s largest public elementary school,  will offer live Q&A sessions periodically throughout the year for participating educators.


Through Peace of Mind Virtual Community Circles, we will offer a monthly opportunity for small groups of educators to meet virtually.  Community Circles will be skillfully facilitated and relevant to educators’ work with Peace of Mind. The focus of circles will include:

  • Community: building trust, rapport and connection
  • Experience: practicing and deepening mindfulness and self-care practices together
  • Reflection:  sharing experiences and exploring how to apply wellness practices
  • Wisdom: Learning from each other.  Increasing “tool kit” of best practices around Peace of Mind Curriculum.
  • Intentions: creating intentions for transformation and growth.  


  • Community:  Create community among Peace of Mind educators.  Facilitate two-way learning and sharing between educators and the Peace of Mind team.   Creating a national network of Peace of Mind peacebuilders and Mindful Educators that can support future Peace of Mind educators.
  • Learning and Growth:  Help educators develop, deepen and sustain mindfulness and other self-care practices.  Support educators in embodied teaching, developing facilitation skills related to the Peace of Mind Curriculum and integrating and embodying mindfulness practice in the classroom.  
  • Development of leaders: Support educators who will work with Peace of Mind to move school communities toward a culture of kindness and inclusion.  Support educators so that they may serve as mentors to others teaching Peace of Mind.


  • Each Community Circle will include 6 to 9 educators and one or two facilitators.
  • Circles will meet for 14 sessions from August 2020 to June 2021, including 3 with guest speakers.
  • Circles may be grouped by grade level taught or school role (counselors or classroom teachers)
  • Each session will meet for 90 minutes and include: 
      1. Community Building
      2. Mindfulness Practice
      3. Peer-to-Peer Learning relevant to teaching Peace of Mind
      4. Wellness and Self-Care Skills.
      5. Closing

For more information, or if you would like to join a Circle, please contact Peace of Mind Executive Director Cheryl Dodwell.  Thank you!